Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ffffeliz Cumpleanos Spidermonkey!

It was hard not to sing to you today Mean Claire Bean...but worth it just to see you smile. Happy Birthday friend.

We had a lovely little party, the six and a half of us. With all of Claire's favorite things, sea salt and vinegar chips, maui onion chips, french bread and Rondelle, a fruity drink, a french dip sandwich, a salad ala caesar, and yes, a donut cake. She deserves this and so much more and we were all very happy to be able to get together on a Wednesday to let her know.

Have you ever been right smack dab in the middle of an event and had a feeling of nostalgia sweep over you? This happened to me tonite. I time travelled. I felt as though I was remembering this sweet event, that I was somewhere in the future looking back on all of the nice things our little unit of friends had experienced and this was a memory that was extra nice. The colors already felt faded, and the jokes were the beginnings of jokes we'd tell for the rest of our lives, and the photos already had places in albums sitting on shelves in a house in the future. It is nice to have friends. Finding friends like these is like meeting your husband. Things just feel complete. I've got my family, I've got the love of my life, and I have one of the greatest group of friends anyone could ask for.


Claire Brewer said...

Spidermonkey says, "Best Birthday ever! I can barely hold on till next year!" Har de har har.

Amelia Anne Flores Ireland said...

groan! Ted had to come and jump my car tonite. Serious friends.