Thursday, February 5, 2009

In case you were worried.

I am still here, it's just I've started a new relationship.

And you know how that goes. The first bit of time is so magical and distracting. You can't spend time apart, and when you have to all you think about is being together. Your whole body doesn't feel like yours any longer, it belongs somewhere else. Everything around you glows and reminds you of being together. You don't call your friends, in fact you don't really remember who they are. It just the two of you in this magical place and no one else matters. The newness will eventually fade and the people around you will be grateful to have you back, but in the meantime you don't want it to, you want to always be drowning in the newness of never want this feeling to end.

But alas, with one episode to go the newness will fade and I will venture back into the real world. Where, as claire pointed out, I will stop being aware every time my tongue hits the back of my perfect overbite. Oh, did I mention the relationship was with a television show? A cancelled television show from the late 90's. Roswell. Oh, even the name makes me swoon...

So maybe you should worry.

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