Monday, June 30, 2008

I want one of these:


But will probably get one of these:

and I'm not complaining. And I will be riding safely in style wearing one of these:

coming soon to a city street near you.

Virginal Blog

After reading friends of mine blog philosophical about their lives I decided to venture into this strange world. Just as a way to keep my own self up to date with what is happening in my world. I will lay out this disclaimer though: Throughout my life I have started journals. Picked up wonderfully bound blank notebooks, spiral bound journals, leather bound sketchbooks, scraps of paper, even the 'notepad' feature on my cellphone. And every time I stop, abruptly, without intention and never pick them up again. My high school journal is written in three week sections. One from freshman year, one from Junior year and so on. It is mostly jibberish and doodles. There will be no blockbuster movies made of my journaling, nor will there be any publishing of the journals. They are not witty insights to the life of a teenager. As I got older these journals would last for shorter periods of time and be filled with more and more doodles and rhyming verses. Less and less insight into my life. So with this attempt, I will compare it not to journaling, and let it be more of a self serving space to drop my thoughts off.

And with that, thought drop number one:

Today I brought iced coffee to a good friend, Claire, to see her for the first time in a month (which is insane) and to see her ever growing child, Beckett. Mostly, I was looking for a reason to not work and to be outside for a bit. But, as usual, this visit didn't bring me the mind numbing I was hoping for instead I left with pockets of inspiration to make pretty things. She's an artist with a child. This equals, tons of time at home, and little time to do anything. Somehow this is better than lots of time at work and all of your free time to yourself. She creates while he's sleeping and he, at 2, can create next to her now. He's a master of the crayon. She is a master at the little things. Delicate creatures hand sewn, tiny watercolors in homemade mats, and even wonderfully chosen bits of art from illustrated nursery rhymes put into Ikea frames for a future project. I have to enter orders from last week into the system, I have to fax confirmations to customers, I have to mail catalogs, I have to make schedules, I have to enter defective merch claims...and all I want to do is make lovely collages of my history in pictures and to tell stories I've been meaning to tell since I graduated two years ago. So it goes. Heck, I created something today, I started a blog!

Todays Facts, so far:
-I didn't get a parking ticket even though I was forty minutes late to the meter.
-Our sweet, sweet, landlord gave US a thank you card and $50 for our 'trouble' when he replaced the roof last week. what?!?
-I am dressed like a camp counselor, and couldn't be happier.
-Jesse was inexplicably giddy this morning before work, and will be even more so when he see's the $50 we got from the landlord.
-Claire and I ordered bathing suits online from Delia's. Remember Delia's? We may be a little too old for them...
-I have a sun burn, and I don't burn.
-My brother is an amazing artist.
-My other brother is an amazing adventurous.
-I am an amazing procrastinator...