Thursday, April 30, 2009

i want a girl with a short skirt and loooooong....

thanks girls for a lovely evening with funny cocktails and diy fashion. and most of all thanks for the funniest stories i've heard in a very long time. you will probably be overhearing me say numerous times, "so i have this friend right? and she has this brother and he hit a moose...wait, it gets better..."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

she dreams in color, she dreams in red...

The nostalgia didn't hit me until I kept seeing flannel on the runways, in the stores, tailored to fit the ladies. Until I realized that most everyday I wake up and do something directly related to me being a teenager in the nineties. And I was just sitting around, avoiding the dishes as usual, and I started thinking about the funny things that were important to me in the 90's. This is just a few of them. Just in case your brain needs exercise we can take it jogging down memory lane...

I coveted these sandals. Today, I hate these sandals.
I coveted their freedom. Today, I just can't believe they had a telephone right in the middle of the kitchen. (btws, if you watch any current real worlds the phone is in a glass box where you get to hear the other parties convo as well)
I coveted, no wait, I went to the best shows of my life at this venue, the RKCNDY. Today, it's some online radio station thing only, or something.

jackpumkin666 photobucket thing.
OVERALLS!!! WINONA RYDER!!! I have the hair, I had the overalls.
I wore mine to Tolo. I wish I never gave them away.

One time Jeremy Enigk was on the cover. He was wearing an old baseball tee and they drew wings on him. sigh...
And this is huh-larious. First of all because that's good old whatsername from the Singles movie, you know, the movie that defined the Grunge era. And second of all because that's good old whatsername twin pop star of 90's television phenomenon Full House. And mostly because it's supposed to be a whole, flannels back! expose or something. But really it's two super stars from the nineties. And they are in flannel and the pictures are 15 years apart. Basically this photo killed like 200 birds with one stone. Flannel. Singles. and Full House. BAM!

In 1995 I went through a phase where I would get a loaf of french bread and a tub of Philly Garden Vegetable cream cheese for lunch. Everyday. With a cherry coke. This was followed by my dream bar phase (sh*t bar is what we would call them), and my bean burrito phase, and finished with my cupcake and mt dew phase. For lunch. That is what I ate. I guess another thing I miss about the 90's is my metabolism.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

three bears

This is just an excerpt, the beginning of a mostly true story of three girls who are just right:

They played their roles dutifully, the three girls. There was Red, Blondie, and Brown. Red was the artist, and more strikingly she was the smart one. Blondie held all the money smarts in the group, and was the responsible one. Brown was a little anxious, and was the funny one. They played their roles so clearly, right down to the hair color they were nicknamed for. With flowing auburn hair sometimes tousled on the top of her head, sometimes cropped short in a flapper bob, always when the light hit it you were reminded of warm red sunsets, or the red clay you would sometimes hit if you dug deep enough, she was Red. Her long blonde hair reached startling lengths at one point, plaited like a young German girl, or twisted up the back of her head and held in place with a clip, with waves like the Sahara desert and the color too, she was Blondie. There were times when her chocolate brown hair wouldn’t be brushed for months, and at other times cut so close to the head from behind she would be mistaken for a boy, an edible brown, an earthy brown, she was Brown. They were young adult book series kind of friends, never staggering from their descriptions at the beginning of each book. Never, except for maybe sometimes.

Tiger Beat Hair Cut.

I take all of my fashion advice from a 13 year old. If you know me this will come as no surprise. She is a very insightful and funny and well spoken 13 year old who happens to dedicate all of her musings to style. It's not like taking fashion advice from Miley Cyrus. We got the same haircut. Yesterday. Hers at Supercuts and mine at GreatClips. I'm coming to terms with what this means. I am either quite fashion forward, or I am suffering from arrested style development. Either way it's a good cut. And it's short. And she compares it to Mia Farrow, which makes me throw up a little in my mouth because ever since she played Daisy and I had the sinking feeling that she didn't have to do much 'acting' for the role she's kind of induced vomitty thoughts for me. Though as style icons go I guess she's not too terrible. At least it's not Josie Bissett circa Melrose Place, cause I hate that hair.

my new haircut, it's shorter than before:

*i just reread this post, and it turns out that it's not just my style that is reminiscent of a teenager but also my written voice. omg.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seal'd with a kiss from the rose on the grey...

Today's facts so far:

1. It's a real bummer when all your favorite bloggers haven't posted in over a day and then you realize you haven't posted in 8 days.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sometimes when I'm alone I smile at the television.

Of course it's on. But often not on anything good, or anything worth smiling at. After a few minutes of zoning out I'll realize that I'm smiling. Ear to ear grin. Cheshire cat. S*&# eating. Cat who swallowed the canary. Ferret that ate the parrot. Smiling.

Also, I painted things orange. I'll tell you about it later. When it's done. As a teaser I'll tell you that when I need to do the dishes I tend to just create messes to divert my attention. And today there are a lot of dishes. It is very exciting. Did you know you can spray paint fabric? Cause I didn't and you definitely can, and I definitely did. Among other things...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frugal Franny.Recession Ramona.Broke Betty.Depression Debbie.Budget Becca.

Dear Grocery Outlet and Consignment store,

You make being broke sexy.

With love,

Today's purchases:

2 lb bag of red potatoes
5 yellow onions
one cucumber
8 oz mushrooms
3 tomatoes
2 avocados
bunch of green onions
bag of salad greens
pepper jack cheese, pre sliced for crackers
cabot cheddar cheese
sandwich sliced muenster cheese
english muffins
hamburger buns
corn tortillas
flour tortillas
aidells chicken and apple sausage
chicken and veggies frozen meal
tater tots
southern style hashbrowns frozen
frozen hashbrown patties
big pack of frozen breaded chicken patties
frozen peas
2 things of l'oreal hair wax
aquafresh toothpaste
12 pack earth friendly toilet paper
low sodium triscuits
2 cans natural chicken broth
tomato soup
chicken noodle soup
dinty moore stew
canned tamales
treetop organic apple juice
big bag of almonds
two cans of tuna fish
amy's organic southwest veggie soup
refried beans
can of olives
1 bottle rose wine
1 bottle pinot gris wine
1 bottle malbec
unsalted butter
a dozen eggs

dark denim skirt
light denim skirt, fancy brand
black t-shirt with felt birds on it
white and green v neck t-shirt
amazing turquoise windbreaker, the lining has little birdies on it!
violet printed cotton smock dress
red and white flower earrings

total cost: $118

The food will last us a month, if we add proteins and new fresh veggies intermittently. Wine, man. 3 bottles of wine for $8 (total!) normally, and today they were all 20% off! And the clothing? At least, if all I had to wear was what was purchased today, I would have enough outfits for 5 days, and I only spent 18 bucks.

Now let's see if I can apply this amazing frugality to purchasing a house......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A gluten for punishment.

She lectured me about my gluten intake. I was such a gluten free role model, she said. I rolled my eyes, because I know how much I can take. I know my limits. And then tonite I crossed the line. Because sometimes when your house has very little food but all you've eaten for the day is lettuce, and popcorn, and wine, you really need food. And when the little bits of food you do have in the house include really good wheat bread and tuna fish and pickles...well, you can imagine what kind of role model I made tonite. And while my stomach starts to grumble, and my headache decides what time tomorrow it will like to strike I wish I'd taken my best friends advice. So boo to you friend for knowing my stomach better than I, and boo to you tuna melt for being such a lovely drug I haven't taken in over a year. And boo to me for knowing that a pita will not cross the line but for pretending that a sandwich will be just fine. And a big giant boo for knowing perfectly well that just fine is just not, and doing it anyways.

Monday, April 6, 2009

If you blog you can get away with doing one really cool thing a week and then you can blog about it and people will think that the rest of your week is filled with tons of other cool things, so many cool things that you don't have time to post about them, so you had to pick just one of the many cool things you did to write about, but really you only did one cool thing. And no one will ever know...

My bones are thawing and my view is getting better...

Today I played outside. I dug around in the dirt, what little dirt we have contained in terracotta pots and a custom made (by dad) wooden flower box. It was just enough to get stuck under my fingernails like so many women I admire who spend their days with something or other stuck under their imperfect nails. It was just enough to let me imagine my thumbs were green. It was just enough to remind me that we never grow out of taking joy in throwing dirt around.
I used the same shovel my favorite 2 year old uses. I saved him his pot so that next time he comes over he still has something to fill and unload with dirt. But all the other pots are mine, and I filled them and I can't wait to unload the goodies they will bring. What started the day as three pots of slightly disheveled hens and chicks (still healthy, just overgrown) turned into six odd shaped pots with mix and match old and new hens and chicks and seedums. They can reach the sun now, and they have room to grow which they no doubt will. Which is why I love them so. Like friends, I prefer my plants to be able to take care of themselves, surprise me with their determination, and yet be so very appreciative when I water them.

My wooden flower box/edible garden will require a little more effort, and a lot more water. This year I have one rule for my edibles: they must be something we actually and already eat. Nothing will go to seed for lack of creativity at dinnertime nite after nite. I've started with lavender, for drying in August and to be turned into sachets for holiday gifts. Greek Oregano for drying as well, only this will find it's way into the greek salads both fresh and dried throughout the summer. Rosemary,a no brainer, I haven't met a potato that didn't fall madly in love with her at first sight. And Cilantro, which we devour in everything, and mostly in pico de gallo. The cilantro will be the baby of the family, the one I will coddle and worry about and the one that will be most loved by Jesse. Very soon these friends will be introduced to Arugula, though we prefer to call it by it's rockstar moniker 'Rocket'. And also to nasturtiums because I can't have a flower box only in multiple shades of green, and because nasturtium petals in a salad make me smile, and nothing is better than a lemon cake sprinkled in candied nasturtium petals. Which I've only seen in a Martha Stewart Living magazine from way back in high school and never have actually tried.

And once the season proves it is here to stay be prepared for the attack of the grape tomatoes, my first attempt at fruit (berries? vegetables?). And Marigolds hanging from anything I can find, to ward off evil spirits and to welcome back the good. And by week's end I will fill my new (christmas gift) hummingbird feeder with one part sugar and four parts water, because it doesn't take much sweetness to attract the birds and the bees. It is spring after all.