Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ph3\/3R p17(|-|

I chose Silver Lake, which is a lake high up on a mountain that has no cell service. When I came back down to the 'real world' I had 16 new messages awaiting. Panicked that something terrible had happened I uncharacteristically opened them, whilst driving, to see what was happening. This is what was waiting for me. The entire movie Fever Pitch, relayed via text message from my brother. I saw this movie in the theater. His version is way more hilarious. Just sayin'.

[From]: greg [Sent]: 2009-05-31 19:02:38

I'm by myself, lying on the couch, watching the jimmy fallon and drew barrymore hit romcom Fever Pitch on TV. Just sayin'.


This movie sux butt, btw.


Omg she might be prego!


False alarm.


Shes sad tho :( also his phone is a baseball mitt lolz


Uh oh relatonship issuez


The red sox are totally ruining her life


Relationship advice from a middle schooler lolz


Gross tongue kissin on the dance floor


Thingz were fine again but now the red sox are ruining thingz again ohno!


They totes broke up and now he's a slob n shit


And the sox are losing again ohno!


He wants her back but theres a dude at her place ohno!


Omg she isn't taking him back, I think he's crying.


He wants to sell his season tix but his sox friends are all like nowai omg y?


Shes all like omg he's so sweet he's sellin the tix 4 me but don't do it!


Lolz shes all runnin across the baseball field to stop him from signing away his tx


Omg she wants him back everythings good again


And he kept the tix and the sox win the world series everythings perfect, phew


And he kept the tix and the sox win the world series everythings perfect, phew


The end

bacon. blueberry waffle. mixed berry smoothie made with love.

I can't decide what to do with the rest of my day. I've already done nothing, well, besides eating waffles and bacon and a fruit smoothie from Jesse. I have the whole (half at this point) day ahead of me and these are the three wonderful things I can choose from to do...they all sound perfect and I can't decide. You pick for me, thanks.
Option 1: Riding bike (mind you I'm solo today, no friends or husband man, which is lovely, but may weigh in on your decision), ahem, riding bike to Boulevard park (about 5 miles) to get iced coffee and to veg' on grass reading good book.

Option 2: driving up the mt. baker highway to Silver Lake park, a big park with a big lake, where friend Heids and her boyf will be. Will rent row boat with besty, drink sparkling alcoholic things and generally relax. On a lake.
Option 3: There is a garage sale of epic greatness supposedly happening in Bellingham. The listing says there is vintage and antique furniture and then goes on the mention like 4 Eames pieces by name. Ahem, woah! This could also be done on bike and many others may be hit up to. Shopping. Outside on a nice day shopping.

Do you like how since I couldn't decide which one of these fun things to do I just stayed inside blogging instead? I'm leaving the house now. You can vote if you want but I'll be gone doing anything but internetting....

gossip girl.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

seven is not a lucky number.

this is me not going to bed. this is me just now getting home from work. this is me wishing i was already asleep. this is me being too sleepy to move. this is me being too sleepy to sleep. this is me updating my blog. this is me finding it terribly sad that I have to be back at work in seven hours. this is me enjoying my husbands sleeping flailing arm spasms. this is me...zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

best conversation ever.

Me: "why do you have cookies?"
Jesse: "they are good."

Monday, May 11, 2009

love birds.

congratulations to two birds made for each other.

i love you both.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shake what your mama gave you.

Oh what? Another haiku you say? How about one for the mom's eh?

mother in law, smile

each day is new, beckett's mom

most important: mine.

Happy Mothers Day to all my favorite moms. And a big pecky kiss to you Mom, you make this silly hallmark holiday worth celebrating.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

saturday is the new sunday.

waiting for parents
college gymnastics, dusting,
food, coffee, and wait...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poseidon adventure.

Neptune is my new favorite planet. I'm not actually sure I had a favorite planet before this though. Maybe Pluto, but since they tell me it's not real I'm choosing Neptune. And that is final. I'm kind of obsessed with the blueness of it. The coldness of it. Did you know it is possibly the coldest place in the universe? Amazing. It also has weather, which is interesting because Uranus doesn't (unless you count wind, ha ha, that was a fart joke). It takes Neptune 165 years to orbit the sun, and it spends 14 years in each Zodiac. There is some debate as to what sign Neptune actually rules, but it's probably Pisces. According to wikipedia it was responsible for the communist utopia ideals in the 'Communist Manifesto', and impressionism. I am A-OK with that. Neptune will just be coming into retrograde at the end of this month and will be coming out of it right after I turn 30. This is exciting. When Mercury is in retrograde everything gets messed up. When Neptune is retrograde you get all these heightened senses, intuition peaks, and you have to be really careful to listen to yourself and what your feeling or you can slide into a depression. But if you do pay attention, oh boy, what amazing things could happen!

I think that everyone should have a favorite planet. It gives you something to really focus on. So when conversations about the universe come up you can go, "My favorite planet is...." And this should be followed by five interesting facts about your favorite planet. Everyone would be so much cooler if this happened. Maybe I am going to have to throw a Planet party. And I would invite a bunch of people who had to RSVP with their favorite planet and then I would only ACTUALLY invite 8 (maybe 9, cause I miss Pluto) of them that represented the planets and we would dress up like our planets and go to the bars. Which would not really make it a party. But it would be hilarious. We could orbit very attractive people and call them the sun.

A haiku for you, Neptune:

please stay where you are
it would be weird if that changed
you are blue and cold.

park life.

today's facts so far:

1. 8 am coffee meetings are radical.
2. staying up too late playing solitaire on my phone is not radical.
3. i will be the third flores to work in a park starting this summer.
4. by 'working in a park' i mean being transferred to the boulevard park location starting in June.
5. i'm going to take a lot of naps in the grass watching the hippies 'work'.
6. bringing coffee to the firefighters in turn brings great rounds of applause and 'i'm gonna steal your wife' comments.
7. jesse is the best.
8. i like the rain. and mostly i like my rain boots.
9. i feel like writing a haiku:

if it has to rain
at least i make it look good
in my black rain boots.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

reasons to have stayed in band past 5th grade and also why i should've spent more time in my bedroom practicing my skillz.

After a while does beat boxing just sound like fart sounds to anyone else? Please just watch the beginning.

Also, how come my work meetings don't involve beat boxers and flautists? Oh yeah, cause I work in a coffee shop and not Google. But hey, the involve nachos and coffee, not bad.

bitch please.

stupid giant hulu box thing. stupid. find it yrselves from now on.