Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

in your

"just got all up in vicky cristina barcelona...liked it...but is wondering why, in movies, they still turn the lights on when answering cell phones in bed. i mean, i understand old fashion telephonos cuz it's dark and you can't find the phone. but don't cell phones light up, a lot, so you can totally find them in the dark? i've never turned the light on to answer a cell phone. also why do the ladies always have perfectly curled hair as though they just rolled out of bed that way? it's more distracting then anything. especially in twilight. i do not believe that bella is the kind of girl who just gets out bed 2 hours early to curl her hair. um. this probably should've been a blog post instead of a status update. but c'mon, i'd like to see some REAL bed hair on film, all smooshed against yr forehead and sticking straight up in the back, maybe with some tangles...hrmf."

originally a facebook post that was DENIED because it was 882 characters long...which is exactly 462 characters longer than allowed. hrmf.