Tuesday, July 28, 2009

cook until all sides are browned and meat is heated all the way through.


Feels Like
Updated: Jul 28 12:25 a.m. PT!!!!!!!!!

and tomorrow? how about more of the same! I don't know whether to be ecstatic or miserable...I am truly torn. On one hand, if I'm going to be a total insomniac it might as well be nice out, and my skin sure does love being tan, and well being hot is preferable to being cold...on the other hand, it's soooo hot inside the house, inside the work, inside the everywhere, and i am sticky...


Sunny High

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh what a perfect day...I'm glad I spent it with you.

yesterday i had to work. and then i was suffering from horrible lady ailments. and then i arrived home to an empty house. and then jesse came home. and he came home with flowers. for me. big giant sunflowers. and he was so happy. and then i was so happy. and then we grilled some skagit valley hamburger patties. and i made a burger using lettuce as the bun. and it was good cause the meat was so good. and there were pickles. and jesse ate a real burger. and he was happy again. we also had a greek salad. we also ate our first tomato. one tiny little husky red. we cut it in half. and toasted each other on a job well done. one delicious little tomato. i can't wait for the rest to catch up. or rather, ketchup.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ragout de palourde de cordon bleu

Ladies and gentlemen, our award winning clam chowder. Photo from thrashermagazine.com.

A haiku for you, chowder team:

The clams came in cans
oh! blood, sweat, and tarragon

Me Gusta Tejas!

today's facts so far:

1. I stayed up really really really late reading last nite and didn't eat breakfast until just now.
2. My breakfast was AWESOME: one wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb cheese, Bowl of fresh blueberries, and a frozen hashbrown in the style of McDonalds with lots and lots of ketchup. All that was missing was a piece of bacon or a really good chicken sausage...mmmm.
3.MENDING IS BETTER THAN ENDING....have you visited me yet?
4. I need to water my tomatoes. now.
5. I'm going to go do that...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

There but for the grace of god, go I.

Today's facts so far:

1. I actually cried a little when I left my husband in Seattle when I had to come back to go to work. Boy, I either really love him, or I am really pms style. Or maybe both.
2. I was openly, and publicly, cranky today. If you know me you know this is rare. (the publicly part, not the cranky part *wink*)
3. Davinci Bakery on Greenwood in Seattle is a little slice of gluten free heaven. Even though the workers never laugh, or smile, or play into my conversation starters.
4. It's fun having a boss that can't eat the same stuff you can't eat. Yeah gf fairhaven pizza for dinner at work!
5. Seriously. All I did today was eat gf treats. Gf Breaky Sandwich, GF Pizza, GF lemon bar!
6. Oh yeah, I also entered a Chowder bowl with previously mentioned husband and our best buddy Aaron.
7. Oh yeah, Sis in Law also entered.
8. Oh yeah, only one other person entered.
9. Oh yeah, it was only the second time I've ever made chowder.
10. Oh yeah, WE WON!!!!!!!!
11. Dude. Remember how earlier in life I got a really short hair cut, and then I read my favorite blog and she had cut her hair in the exact same style? And then did you go over to my other blog Mending is Better than Ending? And learn that I am off on a three month adventure of not buying clothes or accessories? Well, it turns out me and imaginary blog friend shared a brain again for she has proclaimed no clothes shopping for a few months also. It's too bad that our friendship is a secret. To her.
12. I had a wardrobe change at work today. Giant oversize found sunglasses to understated white frame sunglasses. Blam! Half way through serving italian sodas at the outdoor movie tonite I got itchy for a change. Blam! Always keep extra accesories in your purse.
13. As exhausting as it was, seeing sis in law and bro in law is always good times. good times with gin on the rocks, skaters, and chowda.
14. There is this lady on SNL who always acts the same. I use the term 'act' loosely.
15. Perms?
16. Am I growing my hair out?
17. I HAVE A RED TOMATO. sweet.
18. "There but for the grace of god, go I." these words had very little meaning to me until Mr. Obama's NAACP speech he gave a few days ago. Something about the delivery, something about the sincerity, something about the genuine awe in which he uttered those words...which is really the only way those words should be uttered. In awe. Humble awe. (the god part is weird right? i don't even really notice it, in the way it was intended to be. i do that a lot, i kind of read 'god' not literally. more symbolically as something greater than yourself, but not completely out of your control. hmmm.)
19. Four way stop no you go, no you go, no you go guy. You are one of us.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just dance...

One of my most favorite persons in the world got married last weekend...in Winthrop. A lone cowboy of a tourist town on the other side of the mountains. The road was long, the days were hot. And every single second was filled with bliss...

Take a backwards journey of my weekend.

end of the evening dance party for two...my mother and the bride. I've known the bride since we were ten, we grew up together, in all senses of the word.
we got our dance faces on.
This is us. The three goddesses. The three amigos from way back when. The bride in white, all the way from Atlanta in yellow, and me. Atlanta and I have been friends since the summer before fourth grade. I can't remember the last time the three of us had this much fun together...
I think this picture speaks for itself.
Preparations. That's Atlanta applying the makeup...in all the years I've known the bride she's never worn any makeup besides the rare glitter and mascara.

Atlanta and I and our pre everything ritual. Champagne, curlers, and a towel...if only every day could start that way.
The road in...80 degrees and snow on the ground. We were like kids again...

It was so amazing to have my old friend in town from Atlanta this weekend. We giggled, we gossiped, we stayed up late, we even shared head phones to dance our way down a dirt road in the middle of the nite. And our lovely bride. When we were all growing up we would have sleepovers at the brides house. We always shared a bed and she was always in the middle. I got married two years ago, and Atlanta is waiting for a ring, so fittingly our bride got married right in the middle...just the way we like it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

amuse bouche...

Amuse Bouche literally translates to 'mouth amuser', and it is used as a tease from the chef. A very small bit of food served before a meal. A bite of something that encapsulates what is about to happen with the full meal. Your mouth starts watering for more almost immediately.

So here you are sirs, my amuse bouche, or rather amuse oeil, an 'eye amuser'. Just a tiny teaser into what happened this weekend...just a taste of what is to come.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...everyone would be in love with me.

I just heard, on my not-so-secret favorite talk radio program TBTL, that one Mr. Oscar G. Mayer has passed away at the age of 95. He was the third Oscar Mayer to be chairman of everyone's favorite wiener company.

In honor of his passing TBTL played a little ditty from comedian David Sedaris doing the classic "Bologna has a first name..." jingle, as Billie Holiday. Ahem. I almost stopped the car in the middle of the road I was laughing so hard, out loud, by myself, to a recording from an appearance on a late nite show being replayed on a talk radio show of a jingle being sang by a comedian doing an impression of Billie Holiday. Thank you sirs.

Here's to you Mr. Oscar G. Mayer, thank you for your bologna.

And here's to you Mr. David Sedaris for having the kind of childhood that produces such funny, funny, funny.


i have so much to do and i cannot for the life of me get off of the computer. somebody unplug me, fast.

a compromising position. a composition.

edit: the first is a painting by Cy Twombly. rad.
the second is a photo of my lovely gma-in-law in Iowa, by me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


New Kitchen?

Sexy lounge?

New living room?

Future (very future, mind yr own business sirs) kids room? (it's alice!!!!)
oh dear. thank you superbuzzy.com for making me more insane than I already am. And thank you dumb computer for crashing and not loading the other 2 million fabric samples I tried to load. totes ridic.

Post #101

I'm a grown up!

Today's facts so far:

1. This is post number 101. The first journal that hasn't slowly faded away.
2. I got the job. I still have to call and accept formally, but I got it. Nice to meet you, I am the new assistant manager at the park location. The place where my love affair began. Where the entire winter I will be able to pull shots while watching the storms come through the bay. A place where people will want to come visit me. Where I will have more responsibility, the kind I like.
3. You only realize how much salt they add to deli meat when you get the kind without any. woah.
4. I am going to go for a run in my new shorts that my mother in law bought me. Despite what they told you, everyone is watching you and what you wear is important.
5. despite the moaning and groaning I really enjoyed putting together our tax information, it was like a school project with a much more fulfilling ending.
6. we are going to be home owners.
7. can we then be dog owners? please.
8. one of these:

9. and one of these:
10. a sunny fourth? i'll believe it when i see it.