Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I warned you...

...I could never keep a journal. It looks like I can't keep a blog either.

happy new years eve...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

has it really been...

...that long since I've posted?

Only further proof that my life is being taken over by the monster economy. I'll be back soon, I promise. I hope.

Today's facts so far:

-Best friends are even better now than they were when I was a kid.
-I'm going to go eat cake on Sunday for Obama. I'll tell you about it later, but trust me, it matters.
-Even NPR slips and calls Obama Osama. hmmm.
-I've had a headache for a week straight.
-Tights are like stretch pants, which are like pajamas.
-Wearing party hats will bring you a lot of attention, woohoo, happy 19th birthday Heidi!
-Being dubbed the Paris Hilton of Bellingham by yr besty is HUHLARIOUS, and even better when you get invited to the same block party three times in one nite.
-If I were Paris I could afford a better wardrobe.
-Did I mention best friends are the best?
-The Vegetable Head Sisterhood is the best idea we've ever had.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I would like it very much if I could spend all day writing notes to myself.

Today's Facts so far:
-I am so severely incapable of managing my finances that my brain might actually melt and flow out of my nostrils if I have to even think about it for one more second today.
-I do not have ADD. I took an online quiz and it told me I didn't.
-My fax is working again. Which is brilliant, because now when it rings something happens besides just ringing and ringing and ringing...
-I thought my lovely Jesse was going to be bursting with stressed-outedness when he got home from a very long day at 'the office' because the bank called him about my inability to manage my finances, but not two seconds after he informed me of this AWESOME phone call he is sitting, fully relaxed, in his chair, playing virtual hearts not even worried about the brain melt I am now having. He is truly amazing, and I am truly envious.
-As stressful as banking can be there is something so wonderfully old fashioned about it. In this world of virtual communities and online banking there still exists large echoing halls of finance: with brown tweed waiting chairs, stone pillars, water coolers, women in nylons and name-tags, and paper trails...
-Dinner tonite will be roasted pork loin, leek and garlic mashed potatoes, and fresh brocolli.
-The light outside is magic.
-Fall is sneaking in, the air smells different, the sun is quieting, and I desperately want a new pair of boots. I'm ready mr. autumn, bring it on.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Such great heights.

Tall Cousin has a name, Mark. I made it sound as though his only great achievement in life is his tallness when in fact he's very successful. And he actually is an amazing hunter, like with arrows I believe, which is quite a feat. Also, he isn't the only one with great height advantages in the family. He is by far the tallest, but my own sister in law is just under 6 feet tall, and if you look closely you'll see that Aunt Weisy has got the wing span of a condor. Cousin Lisa and Uncle Dennis both have height on their side as well. And my mother in law's five foot ten frame is nothing to take lightly. I was particularly awed by how tall 'tall cousin' was in comparison to his tall family. Especially since the tallest one in my family is my dad who just hits six foot one, and my grandmother is of the especially small side barely hitting four foot eleven.

My interest in great heights started with my brother, Houston, who at a very very young age was enamored with Robert Wadlow. Wadlow is the tallest man in the history of tall people. He was eight feet eleven inches tall. Actually, my brother Greg, Houston and I were always fascinated by any record breaking feat. The largest, the smallest, the most, the greatest. We would sit together, Houston, Greg, and I, and pour over the Guinness record books. Always wondering which records we would have a chance at breaking. If I could just quit the annoying nail biting habit would I be able to grow my nails out to curling lengths? None of us will ever reach the heights of these people, but boy, what would life be like to be so extraordinary? I think some people think we have a freak show interest in these subjects, my brothers and I. We don't see it like that, we aren't curious because these record breakers don't seem real to us. It's actually because they are human, they are just like us only better. And we are equally fascinated by the geniuses, the greatest poets, songwriters, artists. And in a different way we are fascinated by the other-worldly and the animals, the aliens, the Sasquatches, the dinosaurs, the Coelocanth. We are, simply put, fascinated by the exceptional. As kids we dreamed of being so out of the ordinary that we would be written about in a book, so intelligent we would defy what everyone knew about the human brain, to discover something no one had ever even dreamed could exist. We were living vicariously through the lives of these exceptional human beings. If it weren't for Robert Wadlow would we have been content to stop at average? Probably, and average just wouldn't have been as much fun.

Thank you Mr. Wadlow, for being so damn tall and giving us someone to look up to.

Tall hopes.

Remember tall cousin?
I was freakishly excited to meet him because who doesn't love really tall people? And I am crossing fingers Jesse and my children will inherit the tall gene. Well, it turns out tall cousin isn't very, um, how do I describe tall cousin? He's a nice guy, terribly typical country guy, actually reminded me a lot of my family in Texas, to be honest. Played a lot of cards, drank a lot of beer, likes to hunt, and slips in really disgusting comments at very inappropriate times. Mostly, I just got the vibe that he didn't want to be bothered too much. Even though I desperately wanted to sit down and pick his tall brain, he's the closest in age to us, of all the cousins and second cousins. But worlds away. He's kind of like Sasquatch, you've just got to catch him in action. I suppose I should've expected that, seeing as the only photo I had seen of him was of his back.

So, this is what I got. Tall cousin in action, being tall.

Despite my lack of bonding with tall cousin I was pleasantly surprised with this little(big) gem in the garage of one of the neighbors. It must be something in the corn, everyone is a giant in Iowa.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wheatland, Iowa pt.2

The Schneiders (Ted's family) have been in and around Wheatland for 100 years+. The Langes (Alice's family) have been there just as long. According to David an afternoon with the Schneider aunts can feel like 100 years. I had a great time.
David on the bicycle in front of Aunt Weisy's home, the Schneider home (notice the 'S' above the front porch).

An afternoon of story telling with the aunts. Aunt Weisy is in red, her shoes were amazing.

Upstairs at Weisy's was the most exciting part of the day. She hasn't been able to get upstairs for years and has a local teen come over to dust fairly regularly. I'm not sure when the last time any of these beds have been slept in, or when the chairs have been sat in. It was amazing.

Aunt Clara, 92 years old, still drives and takes care of her son. From the looks of it she seems to be excited for the afternoon sweets. In reality none of us were, there were two servings each the size of my head and all of us had to finish our plates. You don't want to offend the host.Lovely Aunt Milly and her afternoon coffee.
Amazing Grandma Alice, at home in Wheatland. She has lived in this home for 33 years, and it is impeccably clean but comfortable. The closets are mostly empty save for a few collectibles, photos, and enough linens for company. She was giving away her extras, I walked away with a beautifully ornate silver serving spoon (given to me after she found out I made mashed potatoes on a regular basis), a pair of onion soup bowls, and a votive holder. She doesn't want to burden her family with the chore of cleaning out her home when she's gone.

Wheatland, Iowa pt.1

Population 772, size .56 sq. miles, there are 7,339 books in the local library, Curtis Memorial Library. The mannequin you see has anatomically correct nipples.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tipton, Iowa

Population 3155. 1.82 square miles. 62 people in nursing homes.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Donde esta mis pantalones?

Today's fact so far:
-Costco Carnitas are better than their tamales.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'll tell you why.

Because I have been working a lot. And by a lot I mean almost all of my time. When I am done with the working I don't really want to get back on the computer. And by working I don't mean my regular work which allows me the time in the day to drop thoughts off. This kind of work is the kind not at my house/office, this kind of work isn't even happening in my lovely Bellingham. We are prepping for the big Seattle gift show that starts on Wednesday and I was down here all last week helping out and am back again today. The show is from Wednesday-Tuesday (even the weekends, oh!). When the show is over I will treat myself to a pedicure and a bloody mary.

Mostly, I miss Jesse.

Today's facts so far:
1. Gemini's are totally Gemini's.
2. Costco tamales are surprisingly tasty, especially smothered in salsa brava. Although my tummy is a bit grumbly.
3. Fred Meyers is my new favorite store. My first love was Home Dollar on the AVE, then it was the dollar store at Sunset Square, and of course there was Daiso (still very high on the list), I dig Target but only for clothes and accessories. But I have recently rediscovered the wonders of Freddy's.
-If you run out of time in the day to get an air mattress for your friends visiting from Ireland and you simultaneously run out of ink in your printer while you are printing your mother-in-laws 60th birthday invitations and it's 10:30pm on a Friday, you can go to Freddy's and find all you need.
-If you only packed one pair of work shoes for a week of work and they bust a hole in them the first day but you don't get off work until 9:30 and you kind of look like a homeless person in the holey shoes, Freddy's will have good work shoes for you, I promise. (and comfy sweats too)
-If you not only want to do the grocery shopping to prepare a bunch of meals for your lover for when your gone and you want to buy the tupperware to store them in, Freddy's will do.
-If you and gluten are not best friends and you need some snacky's and dinners pronto but your not at home or near Manna Mills, Freddy's is your one stop gluten free shopping heaven.
-Mostly, if you just feel like shopping but it's kind of late Freddy's will always satisfy.
4. Maybe I should've changed the header to "Freddy's facts so far"
5. I will not forget to write about the midwest and post pictures. There are some good pictures.
6. I have to go read Breaking Dawn now. Yes, that is the fourth in the series of teenage vampire novels that started with the phenom Twilight. Did I mention I was reading those? Cause I am and they are radical.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby got back.

As in, Baby got back into town yesterday. I recommend to everyone ten days in the Mid-west if you have grown up in the Northwest. It was a trip in so many ways.

Today's Facts so far:
1. I finally caught up on sleep, albeit on a blow up mattress with a lead dog under toe.
2. I uploaded all 1200 pictures to my computer. Next step, sort.
3. Movies are like real life especially when they take place in corn fields. "dear god make me a bird so i can fly fa' fa' away"
4. I will write in depth travel entries in the next coming week, with pictures!
5. Tonite is going to be radical. Celebrating SeaFair bitches. Jealous?
6. When you spend 10 days proving geographical stereotypes you deserve to come home to rain and good coffee.
7. I like Iowa.
8. My mother is right now making Okonomiyaki for breakfast. You wish you were here.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Reasons to love my in-laws:

They should have been sitcom stars in the eighties. I'd watch this show.

Their fashion sense was/is impeccable. Where did you find that sweater ms. rita?

They are all very tall. Notice uncle Steve on the STOOL, grandpa Ted in the chair, and cousin Robert Wadlow, I mean, cousin Mark just being tall. (I'm going to meet him next week, sweet!)

And most importantly, look at the awesomeness that sprang from their loins. Wee Jesse in his Johnny Jump-up. (note impeccable fashion sense at 7 mths)

You Turkey.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Bellingham Summer.

What, I dare you, is greater than a weekend in Bellingham in the summer? I know I live here, I should have these every weekend but family members and friends always lure us to other parts of state when the Friday bell tolls. But this was the mother of all Bellingham weekends. And true to form I am exhausted from being on Lake Padden all day, from eating and drinking all last nite, and spending too much time sleeping on Saturday to truly express myself right now. I am freshly showered, freshly sleepy, a little banged up, and ready for my big comfortable bed. Tomorrow evening I hope to express, more honestly, what an amazing weekend we had, in pictures and in words. Until then, I bid you all an evening of tossing and turning in jealous angst over wishing you had spent the weekend here in Bellingham.

Por mi hermano en Alaska...

Friday, July 11, 2008

I drink your milkshake..., earlier today I started a post with 'I drink your milkshake' which in turn got Kelis' 'My Milkshake...' stuck hard into my head. Which distracted me enough not to finish the post, or even remember what I was posting about. Instead...I did this.

and so I wasn't the only one...

but if you knew how limited my skills were you'd be slightly proud.

I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I am going to:

-set up my at home postal stuff.
-pay an overdue med bill.
-get my camera out and actually put my own pictures on this thing.
-not puke.
-save the world.

Oh yeah, and this...

If my bike were blue... would look like this.

Instead imagine it white...I think I am going to just fix the bike. I love it. It means the world to I owe a lot of student loans and it would make the most sense. Until I can buy a retrovelo I may as well ride the bike I have. How does the song go? If you can't be with the one you love then love the one yr with...

Today's Facts, So Far...

-Facebook makes you funny friends. Remember IM'ing? you can do that on Facebook...old school and meta.
-You really never get over old relationships, no matter how insignificant they are, or if they are your's or someone else's. Heck, even if someone looks like an ex, or an ex trouble-maker, it can stir some serious emotions...
-It is really awesome to, once again, realize who yr good friends are. The ones who understand where you have been and understand where you are going, and love you know matter where you are.
-Wine is a bitch at a bowling alley, ALWAYS ask for a regular glass instead of a wine glass. Cause who the 'F' drinks wine while they are bowling?
-If you are to drink wine make sure you bowl a 172, ahem, like I did tonite. oh gosh, gush.
-Looking good while riding yr bike is the most important part of the day. My shades matched my shirt, which matched my earrings, which matched my shoes, which matched the sky...oh!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Office Space

Best office ever.

New Goal in life:
-make this office happen. All the storage for my goodies. All the privacy of a real office. All the kitsch of a road trip. Plus it's like home, I spent the summer after freshman year living in a trailer in my parents driveway...

This is Kathy Sierra's office, she does this thing called About Creating Passionate Users. She's all into artificial intelligence. Which, btw, are my initials. AI. I'm just saying.
I really like that top shelving. It would make a lot of sense in my office. It's really big, the picture is small. I have spent around $80 on shelving in my office (big lots is rad) and this thing would be twice that. But I'm thinking it may have been worth it. Oh, Ikea.

I don't know where this lovely file cabinet came from, I found it on, which sells some pretty incredible office furniture. From reception desks, to modular walls, to recreated classic modern pieces. And I heart this strange little file cabinet with it's lovely laminate.

I'm having office anxiety issues. Because of the work I do the product is always changing and I'm constantly getting new catalogs and new samples from 40 different companies. Like everyday and my office is in our spare bedroom which also happens to be my clothing closet. There are a lot of strange things happening in that space. I'm lucky to have the best view ever. Since we are just renters I don't feel I can make big commitments in office furniture, as it is the shelves are going be AWFUL to move. But at the same time I need more space and more organization, less furniture. Which is why I like that first dealy, it is shelving (for catalogs) but it also can be storage tubs (for samples), and you can change them around.

I am office brained these days...

Martha my dear...

Oh, Martha Stewart. Since I was a little girl, you've always broken my heart. Why doesn't my office/studio look as amazing as yours?
seriously, it's like porn.

Today's Facts, So Far...

-gluten free can be super radical. For these reasons:
1. My tummy has zero grumbles
2. Crazy new experimenting with food
3. I don't have to eat spaghetti!
4. GF baked Mac and cheese, so f'n good btws.
5. My Mother in Law is all into it

-Jobs are funny.
-It gets a little weird when yr husband is a fire fighter and you (who hates fire) get a little hyped when the pager goes off and there is a million tones which means there is a structure fire somewhere.
-No matter how old you get people are all the same.
-Ignoring negativity does not make it go away, eventually it comes to the surface.
-The Tulalip Casino Resort smells like bark and new plastic. Which I guess works for a casino hotel.
-My nails are gold and I heart it.
-Despite all the bullshit I had an amazing time on the fourth with an old friend and a younger brother.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pink Like Salmon...

...Delicious Like Love.

When you can't get sashimi grade salmon but you want to make hand rolls, or you just feel like salmon, salmon marinade:

One Cup part Kewpie Mayonnaise
1/4 cup Mirin
1/4 cup Rice Vinegar
3 TBL Juice from pickled Ginger container, or 1 TBL feshly grated ginger

Toasted Sesame Seeds
salt and pepper to taste

Whisk ingredients together until well blended. Put salmon in deep baking dish, like a casserole dish. Add marinade and make sure salmon is coated. Put salmon skin side down in casserole dish and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Bake, covered, at 350 until salmon is flaky with a fork!

This marinade will do a whole grip load of salmon, or a small amount, whatever you feel like eating. The cooking time varies depending on the size of the salmon.

The eating time varies depending on the size of yr hunger. Happy Salmon eating!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Mama got a new hairdid...

Mama got new shades too. Mama is going to stop referring to herself as Mama.



Did you know that both soy sauce and imitation crab have wheat in them? Boy. I'll figure something out I'm sure.


New Goals in Life:

-Amazing gluten free Pizza and gluten free Mac and Cheese.

Tonite's Facts, so far...

-I can ride my bike further than I think I can, but not as far as my husband.
-Hippie hopping, old timer music, is better than most new "indie" bands, not ALL, but most.
-Not drinking really good Boundary Bay beer is not as hard as I thought it would be.
-A salad is always better with red meat.
-Sometimes my style can be defined as 'soccer mom chic' least we can add 'chic' to it.
-Steak and Wine tastes better when you've earned it.
-I always write with an audience in mind, and that audience is you, Greg, and Claire.
-I always use the bathroom with an audience in mind, and that audience is you, Houston.
-Things are about to get a lot funnier now that my audience has grown.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I want one of these:


But will probably get one of these:

and I'm not complaining. And I will be riding safely in style wearing one of these:

coming soon to a city street near you.