Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh sisters...

Last nite's facts so far:

1. 75% of the sisters were out in full force.

2. The side spud at Bob's is $10 cheaper than the entree spud. It's the same potato.

3. We've never done girls nite like we did last nite.

4. All that was missing was the mexican with hairspray.

5. Cinnamon rolls at 3am may seem like a good idea, but...

6. Waking yr best friends boyfriend up at 3 am may seem like a good idea, but...

7. In depth conversations about sci/fi novels with the cab driver may seem like a good idea, and well, it always is. Those guys know their stuff.

8. Being the only one of the three girls with the freedom to sleep all day made me feel guilty for a minute, but then I fell back asleep.

9. I am still wondering why we don't do that more least see each other. It's never a bad time. In fact, it's always a really great time.

Thanks ladies.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

emo blog girl.

Anytime I end up taking a "photo" of myself using the camera that is attached to this computer, I feel like I should be lamenting a lost love, or complaining about television, or something online diarie-esque. You know, like those youtube diaries of sad girls in dark rimmed glasses and striped sweaters?

Well. Sorry to dissapoint you, despite the wardrode, there will be no rant about my boyf irl, or my bff in secondlife, or how my parents won't let me go to forks for my birthday. No, it's just me and my new haircut. As fantastic as the atmospheric webby pictures are, they don't do the cut justice. Thank you new beauty school, my lovely little hairstylist, and the other funny students. Some of whom might actually be mad at their parents for not letting them go to forks for their birthday.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three days of celebrations.

On the evening of the eleventh my Jesse gave to me a purple box with a pink bow while I was having a cup of tea. In it were the earrings of my dreams. I said, but honey it's not even a holiday yet and he said "Let's start now!"

The very next day we jumped into the big red truck and took a trip down to old Seattle. We wanted to celebrate Darwin's Birthday in style so we went and saw Lucy a very old and very in tact fossil of great importance. We learned great things about Ethiopia and fossils. We jumped on the monorail and took off at great speeds to our hotel for the evening.

Us in our lovely room at Hotel Andra. We had just come back from an incredible dinner at Palominos. Jesse had the Duck Confit Cassoulet and I had the Sea Bass Saltimbocca. We had a nite cap at Lola's and slept in the most comfortable bed for so many hours.

We wanted to celebrate Friday the 13th in style so we started the day off at a little bakery called Cinnamon Works located the the Pike Place Market. We had just wondered down there in hopes of finding at least one Gluten Free treat and bam! We found this bakery that had a whole case of gf treats, as well as floury treats for my Jesse. Great coffee too, and we were off to see Edward Hoppers women and this guy. I also got socks because my feet were freezing. It was like a dream for me, fossils, monorails, hotels, food, art, treats, and shopping. But we had to leave because we had other plans to celebrate Friday the 13th back at home.
So were going to see those guys. Old friends who were playing at the Wild Buffalo. But then we decided to keep it a little mellow and go see another band but then we got hungry so we ate and then we got tired so we went home and we tried to get ice cream first but that didn't work out so instead we just went home. Which we were glad we came home because it turned out our Hermit crabs were celebrating also (see post below) and we got to celebrate with them.

Can you believe all that happened before it was even Valentines day? Oh lordy! Just because we'd already celebrated in so much style didn't mean we didn't have room to keep on celebrating. So we awoke to the most yummy valentine oatmeal ever. Fresh cream! Walnuts! Raisins! and Blackberries! And the blackberries stained the oatmeal such a pretty Valentine pink! Goodmorning lover! I had to work which was fun and strange and quick and when I got off we met some friends for drinks, valentine drinks! I got tipsy and then went grocery shopping for our special valentine dinner! While I was in the grocery store I knocked over an entire display of sandwich bacon, which is a new item, which does not need to be refrigerated which grosses me out.

And here I am in my Christmas apron working on our Valentine dinner...the theme? RED! Red red meat in a red wine sauce with a side of roasted red potatoes and a bloody beet chevre, hazelnut, and spinach salad! Our drinks would've been red also but we both just wanted milk. And without strawberry syrup milk isn't red.

Thank you husband for this wonderful trio of celebrations. I would owe you my heart if you didn't already have it. I love you more than all coffee beans in Ethiopia, more than all the grains of risotto in the world, more than all the strokes of paint, more than all of everything ever. Thank you and happy day of love.

Little Brother Birthday time (part II).

A lot of years ago, although not as many as before, there was born a little boy on a day of love and flowers and greeting cards. His name was and still to this day is Gregory. He went by many other names in his life, Bubba, Igor, and well Gregor sometimes, but mostly Greg. He was born on this day and he was named after a cousin of my dads. He loved everyone and hated fighting. When we were little I used to read him stories and we would analyze the pictures in our picture books. We both ended up going to college to get degrees in pictures. I hope he appreciates the details in the moving pictures I have put together for him on his birthday.

I love you greggy, you are the best. I hope the next three quarter centuries are just as eventful and radical as the first. Happy Birthday little brother.

The amount of amazingness is too overwhelming.

Wanna play catch up with me? Ok, lets!

1. 2 saturdays ago I went on a mini day trip by myself to visit my dad at his best friends cabin in south whidbey. On the way I took photos to remember the day by. People gave me strange looks, couples and families would walk by while I set the timer on automatic to take a picture of myself. I couldn't tell if they had pity in their eyes or jealousy. I had a really good time hanging out with my dad.

1.a: Also, this happened.2. Next Jesse killed a fly on a giant photo button. My brother and I got this button at the NW washington fair a few years back. The lady actually told us she was afraid of us. I think she'd be even more afraid of what happened after the fly was swatted.3. Then we had play time with our hermit crabs. Jesse tries to play with the hermies everynite but it doesn't always work out. They love to climb all over him. The nite this photo was taken Monkey decided that Jesse's pocket was a good place to hide, and Donkey hung out up on J's shoulder.
So last nite we come home from a lovely evening out and we check on our hermies and there is some strange shit going on in their little crabitat. While we were out Donkey got himself a fancy new outfit (big pearly giant shell of a thing)! And Monkey! Oh, poor Monkey wanted Donkey's old shell so badly and Donkey was not having it. Eventually though Donkey gave up and let his brother take his old shell, how perfect it fits. So now Donkey looks like Liberace and Monkey looks like Donkey and everyone is happy!

4. My mom and brother Greg came to visit. They came on a Saturday afternoon and stayed the nite. We did the antique store here in town and my mom got mad that I'd never taken her there before. She found so many goodies and only bought one. A gorgeous box set of audobon prints. And then we went on a marathon run to Value Village. Jesse crapped out, but perked up when he saw what I found! Oh, and what a find! A pair of Michael by Michael Kors 5 inch stilletos, in my size. Oh lordy! It was a good weekend and this is the only picture we have from it.

So in case you were wondering what was occupying our time now you know. We live some wild and crazy lives we do.

Coming next:
Little Brother Birthday Time pt II and Darwins Birthday, Friday the 13th, and Valentines Day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A rag man and other anagrams.

A Remedial Nail and some Jailed Sneers. A lovely couple we make. I liked it better when I was a Female Sailor and he was my Jailers Needs. At least combined we are A Ladies Jasmine Leers. Poetic I suppose.

But nothing beats my brother, who not only gets Hotel Sunroofs, but the Foulest Honors, as well as Southern Fools...appropriate for a boy named Houston.

And poor Gregory, who amongst the various Orgy phrases ends up just being Forgery Oglers. But really, aren't we all?

As if I didn't have enough to distract me from the laundry I had to pull up the old wordsmith tonite. But now I'm running out of time and the laundry won't fold itself. So I am off to partake in some Dandify Gun Roll. You heard me.

With love,
Ale Am I.

Little Brother Birthday time (part I).

My little brother was born many years ago on this day. I don't remember it. I was just 15 months old at the time. I do remember that it was fun. Having a brother is the best thing in the whole world (and I am lucky enough to have two). Houston is a funny person. He's been funny since he was born. For some reason he thinks I'm funny too, which means a whole lot to me. So I have spent my whole life trying to make him laugh. I hope this makes him laugh, because that is the only gift I have for him this year.

For you brother, in case you missed it on facebook, happy birthday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

In case you were worried.

I am still here, it's just I've started a new relationship.

And you know how that goes. The first bit of time is so magical and distracting. You can't spend time apart, and when you have to all you think about is being together. Your whole body doesn't feel like yours any longer, it belongs somewhere else. Everything around you glows and reminds you of being together. You don't call your friends, in fact you don't really remember who they are. It just the two of you in this magical place and no one else matters. The newness will eventually fade and the people around you will be grateful to have you back, but in the meantime you don't want it to, you want to always be drowning in the newness of never want this feeling to end.

But alas, with one episode to go the newness will fade and I will venture back into the real world. Where, as claire pointed out, I will stop being aware every time my tongue hits the back of my perfect overbite. Oh, did I mention the relationship was with a television show? A cancelled television show from the late 90's. Roswell. Oh, even the name makes me swoon...

So maybe you should worry.