Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Panda-monium!

Meet Panda our new little pup! She came to us through the Alternative Humane Society, who we can't say enough awesome things about. I want to use exclamation points for every sentence because I am so stoked. Eeek. She's our first dog together, and Jesse's first dog ever. He has no idea what he's in for...
She was found a few days after the fourth of July and she had a firework that had gone off in her mouth. She was incredibly dehydrated and malnourished. After a successful surgery two weeks ago she is back to normal...almost...she is missing her bottom lip, and the bottom teeth on the right side. Which suits us just fine, with her little tongue hanging out and her ability to only lick you from one side of her mouth it makes for a pretty cute pup. She's still a chewy little puppy too, no problem so far finding things to nibble on. Plus, you know, she's just so rad.
So far the only time she's pee'd in the house she managed to do it on the stone hearth. Pretty similar to outside, right?
We are totally puppy geeking out right now. Major time. Oh, and the name? Besides the obvious color similarities, we have an ongoing tradition of naming our pets after other animals...oh, and the first thing she managed to chew on in our yard was an old bamboo leaf that had fallen off the bush. So,you know, same diet too.
Speaking of other pets, Donkey, the hermit crab, got himself a fancy new shell today. My fave of all the choices we gave him, it's like the porsche of the shell world. Rounded edges and all sleek and stuff.
Panda and Donkey. Not a bad little family if you ask me. Maybe we'll name our first born Tucan.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do blondes really have more fun?

Look what I did today! It's like a mullet, business brunette in the front, bombastic blonde in the back...or as I like to call it, "the upside down sorority girl". It looks pretty rad down also, the blonde just peaks out when my hair moves. All my urges to cut my hair were squished by this little experiment...also, have you ever tried to take a picture of the underside of the back of yr hair. Not easy. The things I do for you. Jeesh.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

F words...

Fourth of July, Fireworks, Fun, Floreses.....FANTASTIC!

Instead of appetizers may I offer you a Bee or a Pop-it? How lovely...and just the right weather...cold and threatening rain. I love holidays.

Whether the weather be cold,
or whether the weather be hot.
We'll weather the weather
whatever the weather
whether we like it or not!

This is the cheesiest post ever. I apologize for my apple pie attitude on this holiday. It's just I like really loud noises, and my brothers are coming, and we're going to make ice cream, and....oh boy, I need to stop.

Happy independence day friends.

United States of Amelia

Friday, July 2, 2010


nostalgia es bueno...

New plan: Need to get back here. 'Here' being the beaches in Barcelona, really anywhere near Barcelona, or anywhere in Spain. I'd take anything on the Mediterranean, how about just a beach, with palm trees, San Diego even to be honest. So, the question do we make this happen?

Oh Brother!

A belated congratulations to this little guy (the boy, not the fox) on becoming a big brother. From the looks of it you've got plenty to teach a little brother about the facts of how to properly keep your Tonka in good condition, and that it's ok to ask for help from cool older friends, and most importantly how to win the hearts of all those who come in contact with you...the last of which you've become kind of an expert in.

We love all of you Brewers, and are so happy to welcome little Calder to this crazy, beautiful world. Congratulations friends!