Friday, July 29, 2011

Can you tell Baby has been craving berries (any summer fruit really) and pastries? Good thing it's the right season...bad thing is I decided to start baking for the first time in my life. How is this a bad thing? You ask, so innocently. It means we have berry filled pastries around all the time and then...I EAT THEM ALL!!! ahhhh!!! Attack of the giant pregnant fruit loving monster!!!!

Raspberry creamcheese muffins.

Stone fruit pie. Nectarines, peaches, and cherries.

An awkward cherry almond tart. Awkward looking, delicious tasting. It set up and stopped leaking fairly quickly, we just couldn't wait and cut right into it!


Location:Berry, berry, quite contrary...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


You know it's a weird summer when this is the forecast for the day. And just simply reading the words 'decreasing clouds' gets your spirits up.

The weather gods are just keeping our expectations low so we'll be grateful for anything.

Cuppa Cake

Oh! I forgot about these! I made these for the wedding as well...the bride asked a bunch of friends if they would put together a dozen cupcakes for the wedding. It was a great idea, the dessert table was a beautiful array of all different kinds of cupcakes. And there were plenty for everyone to try a couple. I wasn't going to make any but decided someone needed to represent the gluten free world! So I put together some Gluten Free Raspberry Lemon cupcakes.
Did you know Micheal's has the CUTEST cupcake wrappers ever? Well, they do. Also I got it into my head that there existed a raspberry shaped candy. I was a little concerned I wasn't going to find any because I have a tendency to imagine things exist simply because I want them to. This was sooo not the case, right there in the candy aisle of our grocery store was a bag of raspberry candies. And they are reallllly good. The 'leaves' are pear jelly beans. My least favorite flavor, but the color was perfect. The sacrifices I make. The frosting is simply a pre-made vanilla frosting with some organic raspberry preserves and lemon zest. I could've eaten the frosting by the spoonful....oh wait, I did. Which is why I don't make cupcakes very often. I will eat them all. In one sitting. I would like to blame it on baby...but we all know this problem existed long before she did.


craving cupcakes all of a sudden.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holy Matrimony Batman!

I am getting realllly good at staying at home! boom! it helps when a very good and old friend gets married and lets you make her boutonnieres and wedding cake topper! Somewhere I have a photo of the cake topper on the actual cake, it really looked at home up there. I'll post it soon for you.

The bride and groom looked a million times more beautiful than their miniature versions. And the wedding was beautiful as well. Sigh. It actually makes me wish we had more weddings to go to...which is a far cry from the usual summer wedding extravaganzas! One summer we had 7! Whew. Maybe it's a good thing to only have one....

anyways, post number 3 in the catch up or get lost post-a-thon.



Thursday, July 14, 2011

Father knows best...

The week after I stuck my hand through a window my dad tried to one up me by drilling a hole in his finger. I learn all my good stuff from my dad. See, he's got this rad new shop filled with all sorts of dangerous goodies, so he had to get the inaugural injury in some time. Luckily he was ok and didn't even need any stitches (nice try, I got you beat dad!). But it did inspire me to make him a first aid kit for this shop for Father's Day this year. I found a neat old tackle box at the goodwill and after a trip to my favorite store in Bellingham, Sanderson Safety, and a lot of advice from Jesse, we filled it with all the necessary accouterments should he drill his hand or get wood stain in his eyes. Oh, and a little OCD lettering work from Jesse and we were all set. I say OCD, but I mean perfection, I would've sloppily thrown them on there without a thought...his version is much nicer.
File this one under, "oh? it's been a month since father's day, and I'm just now posting this? Wait until you see my Christmas post in August."


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm a Pro. Procrastinator.

Since it's been awhile, I thought I'd just go through all my old pictures and do a little photographic trip down memory lane for awhile. Starting all the way back at Easter. Is that totally ridiculous? Who cares! I played a lot this was the most fun ever. I crafted and I cooked...and my in laws and my parents and my brother and his fiance all showed up to feast. So here we number one in a series I'd like to call "Where the Frick Did the Time go?".

Oh, did I mention that along with all the cooking and crafting I also managed to stick my hand through a window. 8 stitches and a real fear of not being able to move my thumb again later and all is good...this may have had something to do with my lack of posting. Or maybe it was my being completely and utterly distracted by this:

Best project by far.