Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rice to meet you...

Tonite for dinner I took my solo self out to the Soy House and got myself a big giant heaping serving of rice noodles, nom nom nom, with a side of spring roll all wrapped up in a rice paper wrapper and filled with MORE rice noodle! And for dessert!?!? I made myself a big pile of RICE PUDDING! mmmmmm. And while this all may sound very sarcastic. It's not. At all. This rice puddin' is damn good. mmmmawwwww.

Almond Apple Rice Puddin'

Some rice
Some unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Some vanilla
Some cinnamon
Some chunky all natural organic applesauce
Some raisins

Bring it all to a mushy boil, let it simmer FOREVER, add some more liquid if it gets dry before it's good and puddingy. I like mine chilled. Just chillin'. But it's awesome hot. That's hot.

Eat it up and get really excited and put the recipe (?) on your blog in a way so that no one will ever be able to recreate the delicious no bad stuff rice pudding you just made. Good luck suckers.

rice rice baby.

Monday, October 5, 2009

no big deal...

no wheat
no sugar
no clothes
no dairy
no weekend
no pork
no casein
no jewelry
no hats
no citrus
no shoes
no corn
no sausage
no alcohol
no strawberries
no scarves
no tights
no red meat
no problem.