Friday, January 11, 2013

Silly Sally went to town walking backwards, upside down...

"Nobody but us is watching you, they are all watching their own kids." 

This is what my parents would say to me if I was nervous before a swim meet or a gymnastics competition. It worked. And it was true. Nobody but those closest to me could even pick me out of the crowd of girls in identical unitards. And even those close to me, who were watching, actually didn't care all that much how I was doing. They were maybe a little stoked I was doing something. But in our house I wasn't going to get reprimanded for losing. Winning was like not even on the radar. Maybe just in my case, considering how not so awesome I was at these athletic endeavors. But nonetheless, really dude nobody is stressin' about you, so just like have fun. 
Omg. Right? Duh. Even to this day this is the most true thing ever.
There is an entire world out there not paying any attention to me. So dude, just chill.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, my new years resolutions for 2013.

a. Chill. You must chill.
b. Find balance.
c. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE: have the most fun.

That is it. It all boils down to this being the YEAR OF FUN. Let's get our rednoses and giant sized sunglasses out. Let's run through some sprinklers. Let's cook some weird shit. Let's laugh until we start gasping for air and maybe pass out. Oh you don't do that? I got kicked out of science class once because I caught a case of these so bad and my HONKING sounds while I was gasping for air were "interrupting" the rest of the class. Oh, whatever, they were just jealous that I was having SO MUCH FUN. So that is it. Let's celebrate the cherry on top of this crazy sundae of work and plans and grown up stuff. Let's get on the floor and pretend we are snakes, or lizards, or jelly beans. 

I am going to take my cues from Lyla Bean, who, when she can't think of anything else to say just looks at you, smiles, wiggles her fingers and says, "Tickle, tickle, tickle..." followed by the greatest sound in the world: laughter.



Kaara Anderson said...

Love it! I definitely need to chill more and laugh louder!
Thank you for this ;)

Kaara A said...

Hi love! I know you haven't blogged In a while. But I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a liebster award on my blog today to show support and encouragement!
Xoxox- head on over and check it out ;)